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Oshos Diamond Breath Festvial


from: 14. - 17. September, 2016

This festival is a great chance to experience the power of breath! It is a celebration for inner healing and the joy to dance together towards love and freedom!

It is a celebration of Osho’s vision to become a Zorba and a Buddha. Zorba enjoys the material world and Buddha enjoys the spiritual world.

Our breath is like a Golden Wind. It allows us to experience the many facets of the diamond of breath on the path to ecstasy. We discover the joy of taking a deep breath into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Devapath, Nalini, Sarjan, Sarasai, Magna and Arham from Oshos Diamond Breath and a team of facilitators (Disha & Miridu) from different countries will guide you along this magical journey. Our guest musicians Dinraj, Keval, and Ramadhan will give a special taste to this festival by playing fantastic live music.

We create an exciting and playful journey. We reach to the stars and we breathe with the stars. We let the light of the stars shine into our life.

The climax of the festival will be a marathon breathing session on the last day. Together we move into an explosion of energy to open for our breathing hearts and laughing spirits.

We look very much forward to see you all at OSHOS DIAMOND BREATH FESTIVAL TURKEY in the beautiful surrounding of Karakaya Retreat Mountains, Gumusluk, Bodrum!

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