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The Diamond Of Breath for Healthy Living

from: Devapath

Life is a great energy and gives us a great opportunity: live the fire of life and you will transcend all boundaries of the body and the mind and will find ultimate ecstasy. The wind that keeps this fire alive is our breath. We call it the diamond of breath because it offers so many facets to enrich and enlighten our life. My vision of a healthy life is: 40 years of running for excitement, 40 years of walking for relaxation and 40 years of sitting for silence until disappearing. To become 120 years old or more will soon become...

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The Miracle of Prenatal Life

A Journey from Conception to Birth

from: Devapath

Zen masters liked to asked new adepts who wanted to enter the path of meditation: ”where have you been before your father was born?!” They asked one of their typical questions to open the eyes of the disciple for the dimension beyond the body-mind and its many fold limitations. In fact it’s a question, which comes closer to us the more we unveil the mysteries of the body and the functioning of the mind. Where have we been before our conception and where will we go after death? Who we really are? Who is inside...

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Breathing out of Depression


That is the only hope for man -
To listen to the heart and to go along with it.
Than your life will become a blissful pilgrimage.


Experts estimate that unto 20 % of western people suffer from depression. I would even count much more having a latent depression and unconsciously or consciously questioning the meaning of their life. It seems to be a general crisis of western societies, which become more and more empty, superficial and run by ambition - or in other words by the mind.

When a society has reached everything it...

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