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Devapath has been a physician and a therapist for 35 years. Today he is the director of the International Breath Energy School.

Devapath has realised that the underlying cause of many diseases is unresolved psychological conflict, chronic stress blocking the human energy flow and an unfulfilled spiritual longing. This inspired him to focus his work on preventative healing methods and spiritual therapy. 

He was the co-founder of various growth centres in Germany and the director of the Centre for Transformation (CFT) in the Multiversity in Pune, India, a position he held for several years. Here he created and coordinated the 4 month long Therapist Training “Light on the Path” for several years.

Being a doctor he realized that everything in our life depends on the breath: body, mind, heart and spirit. That inspired him to develop the meditation-oriented therapy called Diamond Breath®.  He also developed other therapies. Aquaprana Healing is a therapy for tantric healing in warm water. Tantra and Zen is a therapy to heal relationships by moving together into love and meditation. 

Devapath’s work allows you to prevent disease and to enjoy a sense of Great Being. 



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