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About - Nalini

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Nalini was born in Taiwan in 1976. She is the mother of a beautiful boy of 17 years. 

She is a Dancing and Yoga teacher with many years of experience. Teaching Yoga she felt that something was missing by exercising Yoga and she started her inner journey in the years to come.

She has accomplished the Oshos Diamond Breath Master Training and works as a co-leader with Devapath. She also works with Cranio Sacral Resonance, a training, which she has accomplished in the Osho Garden Center in Taiwan. She works with Aquaprana Healing as a Therapist and Meditation teacher. Last year she was educated in the Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy and was asked by Leela, if she likes to lead the Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy with Devapath.

In her work she combines the power of Oshos Diamond Breath Therapy with the sensitive approach of Cranio Sacral Resonance work to initiate a process of deep inner healing and relaxation. This work has an immense influence on our nervous system and brings it to an inner space of silence.

The insights she got in the Mystic Rose Training opened her for a deep understanding of the human being and its suffering. It allowed her to see the deepest dimension of life - the longing for love, freedom and meditation



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