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Family Constellation Module 1

Beyond Family

with: Dwari
8.Aug. 22 - 15.Aug.22

Location: Finland Elontuli

dynamics of the family of origin

This part of the training is for everybody who wants to explore and understand the dynamics of the family of origin. Most of the problems are rooted in unsolved entanglements with the family of origin.

This eight day Basic Training is a deep self -experience on one hand. On the other hand, it transmits the basic theoretical and practical principles of Family Constellation work and some practical tools of Somatic Experiencing (Trauma work) to be used in a coaching/therapeutic situation as well as in everyday life sharing.

In the first days of the training each participant will understand and experience family conditioning and will have the opportunity to put up her/his own constellation. We also learn by watching and standing in other participant’s constellations. The process will be made transparent by absorbing step by step what happened in each constellation and how the source of love can be found.Later the focus will shift doing constellations with symbols in the setting of more individual work looking at traumatic events and how the body can be supported into a safe release.

training family constellation module 2

dynamics of the present family

When the natural order of the family is not followed, for example when the children behave like parents and the parents behave like children, then love does not flow effectively in that family and will disturb any later relationship too. In the present family man and woman have to know how to be equal partners in the relationship with each other but also towards the children.
Also former partner have a place in the systemic field of the present family and have to be acknowledged. When this is ignoring, especially nowadays in the changing family situations, it can create a lot of chaos and entanglement, which later will be carried by the children again.

some of the covered issues

  • Dynamic of present family
  • Entanglement from the family of origin
  • Love and order: how can love work
  • Man and woman are different
  • Weak and strong love
  • Balance of give and take
  • Where do the children belong
  • Adoption

methodic elements

  • The knowing field
  • Movements of the soul
  • Interview before constellation
  • Work with symbols
  • Allowing instead of doing
  • Being in contact with the field
  • Supporting healing movements

training family constellation module 3

trauma release work

In Family Constellation we touch into the knowing field that contains a lot of traumatic experiences of all the members of the family
So it is extremely helpful to know how to deal with trauma and be able to support the person to face and discharge the affects trauma and shock have on their body and nervous system.

traumatic events

  • Sudden death of a child
  • Heavy, life-threatening birth
  • Divorce or separation
  • Abortion
  • Violence within the family
  • physical and emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse

In constellation often these shocks are triggered and it needs some tools to be able to support the person to stay present in the moment without getting overwhelmed and lost in the emotional drama of the past. The life energy, which is frozen in a Trauma is enormous and it needs a resourceful, safe space to be touched and released.
When that is possible the body and the nerve system can relax and it is much easier to absorb the deeper connectedness into the knowing field of the family. Within the feeling sense of the body one can find back to the original strength of the child and from there maturing into a loving adult.

some of the tools are

  • Understanding syndromes of trauma
  • Resourcing
  • Staying grounded in the here and now
  • Working with the felt sense
  • Supporting self regulation of the body
  • Importance of safety and bounderies

The movement ‘beyond family’ and ‘beyond blind love to conscious love’ is part of an inner growth process that brings the individual in deep synchronicity with life itself and into true and blissful aloneness. Only out of that healthy relationships become possible.

Osho Family Constellation is based in meditation it is rooted in deep acceptance and honouring of what is, rather than in effort for improvement. This is the point where therapy ends and meditation begins.

1. module: 8. – 15. Aug. 2022

Osho Risk, trainer: Dwari Deutsch

2. module: 23. - 31. Oct. 2022

Osho Risk, trainer: Svagito Liebermeister

3. module: 23. - 31. Jan. 2023

Osho Risk, trainer: Dwari Deutsch

Info & registration:
Pragita Teerisuo, prempragita@gmail.com

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