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Family Constellation Module 3

Movement Beyond Family

with: Dwari
13.Aug. 21 - 20.Aug.21

Location: Finland Elontuli

Systemic Counselling Training in Family Constellation and Trauma Release
Family Constellation is an effective and powerful method to recognize entanglements in the family of origin and in the present family. Most often, unexpected solution oriented interventions bring relaxation and understanding to deeply rooted problematic situations. This allows love to flow again between the members of the family and to the people who are important to us in our present life.

Working with the energy field of the family we begin to recognize many traumatic experiences.  Therefore it is extremely helpful to know how to deal with trauma and to be able to support the person to confront and discharge the affects that the trauma and shock have on their body and nervous system.

This 8 day training is a deep self-experience on one hand, and on the other hand, it transmits the basic theoretical and practical principles of Family Constellation work and gives some practical tools of Somatic Experiencing (Trauma work) that can be used in a counselling situation and in everyday life.

At the beginning of the training each participant will understand and experience family conditioning and will have the opportunity to put up her/his own constellation. We will also learn by watching and standing in other participant’s constellations. The process will be made transparent by absorbing step by step what happens in each constellation and seeing how the source of love can be found.

Later the focus will shift. We will be doing constellations with symbols in the setting of more individual work, which includes dealing with the different childhood traumas that emerge in the context of family constellation.

family constellation method

The energetic field of our family has influenced us very deeply in many different ways.
 The deepest layer is the layer of bonding, the blind love of the child.

In this powerful blind love the child moves unconsciously into the faith of the parents and carries emotional burdens belonging to the mother or the father. Feelings such as guilt, resentment, fear and more are but a few. The child may also fulfil (follow) the destiny of dead or excluded members of the family to the point of giving up his/her own life. In the constellation work we bring these entanglements into the light and through allowing what is, in even the most painful events, a healing can take place.

By allowing these healing movements, blind love can turn into conscious love, which flows in a new and un-entangled way to all the people within the family.  The child can let go and returns to its own position and strength, being able to move freely into her/his own life. When we confront these deep love bonds within our family and allow love to move in a more conscious way, stuck life patterns can change and transform in the most amazingly unexpected way. While dealing with the personal issues the training also provides a clear understanding of the unseen dynamics ruling the lives of people, this therefore creates a big shift in our understanding of intimate relationships and what is really important to keep them lively and healthy.

some of the covered topics

  • love and order in a family system – what is in support of love
  • main causes for problems in the parent child relationship
  • the function of the conscience
  • the experience of guilt and innocence
  • the need to belong
  • the balance of giving and receiving
  • the solution oriented approach
  • the effect of healing sentences
  • the difference between ‘blind’ love, ‘knowing’ love or ‘conscious’ love.

 trauma release work

In Family Constellation we move into the knowing field that contains a lot of traumatic experiences for all the members of the family. These include:

  • sudden death of a parent or a sibling,
  • heavy, life threatening birth
  • divorce or separation
  • violence within the family
  • physical and emotional abuse
  • sexual abuse

Besides the systemic affects these tragic events in the family can have, they can also be so overwhelming and traumatic for the child that he/she remains physically and emotionally in shock. In the constellation these shocks are triggered and it needs some tools to be able to support the person to stay present without getting overwhelmed and lost in the emotional drama of the past. The life energy, which is frozen in trauma, is enormous and it needs a resourceful, safe space to be felt and released.

When that is possible the body and the nervous system can relax and it is much easier to absorb the deeper connectedness into the knowing field of the family. Within the feeling sense of the body one can find their way back to the original strength of the child and from there mature into a loving adult.

some of the tools are

  • Understanding symptoms of trauma
  • Resourcing
  • Slowing down
  • Staying grounded in the here and now
  • Working with the felt sense
  • Supporting self regulation of the body

The movement ‘beyond family’ and ‘beyond blind love to conscious love’ is part of an inner growth process that brings the individual into deep synchronicity with life itself and into true and blissful aloneness. Only then can healthy relationships become possible.

Osho Family Constellation is based on meditation and is rooted into a deep acceptance and an honouring of what is, rather than in the effort for improvement. This is the point where therapy ends and meditation begins.

This first part of the training will be followed by a second part of 8 days in March 2010 ‘Love Heals’.  In the second part the issues will be about the present family, special health issues and other systemic subjects.

Info & registration:
Pragita Teerisuo, prempragita@gmail.com

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