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From Body Type to Original Being 1

Discover your Body Type as a Resource to protect your Essential Self

with: Dwari
Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2019, 10:00 Uhr - Sonntag, 14. Juli 2019

Osho Miasto

Training in self-discovery as well as a learning process for people working with people.

Very often in stressful life situations we long for being authentic and in contact with our essential qualities. Basically we all have this ability but sometimes we are trapped in unconscious conditioned behaviour patterns which we have already learned early in our childhood.

The conditioning happened so deeply that it shaped our body structure and blocked the energy flow in certain areas of the body that we grew into a specific body type. This created a rigid believe system also in our psyche and caused us to develop a lot of very limiting behaviour patterns.

What we need to understand: this prison of our conditioning has not only been a prison it also served as a very important function in our life. At the time when we were helpless and dependent it protected us and helped to adjust to sometimes unbearable situations.

We have to realise, that all these survival strategies and defences are neither needed nor helpful in the present moment.

Therefore we need to stop judging the personality structures we find ourselves in and open up for an exciting discovery of the incredible wisdom of our being.

Sure we cannot change our childhood but we can transform the effect it has on us and free our body, mind and spirit from its limitations.

We can become more humorous and playful with who we are and expand into creative and conscious behaviour.

According to the different developmental stages of childhood there are 5 basic body types one can develop into.

1. Contact Type

tendency to disconnect from the body, split from feeling, difficulties to feel the body and express feelings, often develops very unusual creativity

2. Need Type

difficulties to connect with real needs and scared to express them. Strong ability to detect other people's needs and fulfil them

3. Control Type

afraid of intimacy and vulnerability, difficulty to trust that one can be himself in relationships, learned to find ways to get what one wants, without exposing oneself

4. Autonomy-Type

being able to say no and have boundaries was impossible, vital energy and strong expressions had to be repressed, very patient and able to compromise

5. Love-Sexuality Type

great difficulty to connect sex and heart, learned to be independent and self-confident


The exploration of this process will be an in depth teaching as well as a playful self-discovery into each body type.

  • discover the body type you are
  • explore the limitation as well as the resource it has given to you
  • find out the believe systems that came with each type
  • re-evaluate your believes and open for change and new experiences
  • become conscious of the behaviour pattern resulting with each type
  • learn flexible and creative behaviour patterns
  • exercise to charge energy in the body
  • exercise to discharge energy and emotion
  • meditations for each body type

We will use bodywork exercises as well as breathing to support the transforming journey. Trauma work and guided meditations will be a tool for finding new resources and ground them in everyday life. Gestalt work and counselling support awareness in expanding believe systems and behaviour.

Each of the two modules can be booked separately.


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