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From Body Type to Original Being 2

raining in self-discovery as well as a learning process for people working with people

with: Dwari
Freitag, 04. Oktober 2019, 10:00 Uhr - Dienstag, 08. Oktober 2019

Osho Miasto

Training in self-discovery as well as a learning process for people working with people

An exploration of relating patterns of the different body types to find creative solutions for the conflicts in life relating

Who with whom and how … that is the big question in relating.

It is a great advantage to understand our own body type and its relating traps we sometimes fall into so easily and unconsciously.

Once you know your body type and personality fixation many of the relating conflicts appear in a totally different light.

Rooted in the understanding of our own functioning we can develop a good sense of self humour, find creative solutions and have compassion for the traps of others.

How can a need type cope with a control type person? Is this a good fit or will it end in a disaster? One of the disasters we might have already faced at some earlier time in our lives.

Is there a chance between a contact type and a love-sex type or should both of them better work on serious therapy first?

Through playful confrontation and deep personal work we can explore the story of body type relating and go beyond these patterns.

  • body type relating patterns
  • interacting from protection
  • neurotic match and healthy match
  • classic conflicts
  • accept who you are and dare who you can be
  • creative conflict solutions
  • stepping out of old believes
  • risking new behaviours
  • how to allow intimacy
  • exposing what you are afraid off
  • entering conscious relating
  • meditation is the key


This process will create a deep understanding of how each body type functions in relating. A step by step learning to be flexible in using defence strategies when needed and risking vulnerability and intimacy when possible.

We develop skills in energy work, breathing, Gestalt, counselling and meditation methods


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