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Oshos Diamond Breath Advanced Training (Internship) Miasto Italy

The Breath of the Buddhas 2

with: Shanti, Adhiraj, Pushan und Dwari
Donnerstag, 08. Juni 2017, 10:00 Uhr - Sonntag, 02. Juli 2017

Osho Miasto

The second year....

.... of the Osho Diamond Breath Training helps you to deepen your understanding of highly transformative breath therapy. Besides  touching a new depth of your own inner transformationyour you get supervision by the trainers in supporting others in breath sessions, you assist in sharing groups and you get further teachings in breath work.

The focus of teaching will be on exploring the human energy flow, the body character types and the Reichian body segments to open the whole body for the wave of breathing. Healing touch, advanced teachings on body-mind therapy and meetings for sharing your work experiences will allow you to learn to work with the diamond of breath.

Breathing is the bridge between body, mind, heart and soul. That's why we will include you from giving therapy to leading meditations or giving feedback to group participants. You learn to facilitate the whole spectrum of breath work and learn the series of 10 Osho Diamond Breath sessions.


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