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Aquaprana Healing Intensive

Tantric Healing in warm Water

with: Shanti und Dwari
Mittwoch, 03. Juli 2019, 10:00 Uhr - Sonntag, 07. Juli 2019

Osho Miasto

Aquaprana Healing is a soft meditative therapy in warm thermal water to release deep unconscious tensions from the early stages of your life. It rejuvenates your body, mind, heart and spirit and opens your heart.

Warm thermal water is a perfect environment to relax and let go of old fears and anxieties resulting from prenatal trauma, birth trauma or traumatic experiences in later life. At the same time it teaches you to trust and to love yourself the way you are.

In the arms of a partner you gently get moved and almost weightlessly float into a deep space of letting go. Combined with breathing and tantric breathing techniques you unwind your nervous system and experience the magic of inner peace and harmony. Further on you activate your hidden healing energies.

Loving touch helps you to integrate this work and to experience a state of extraordinary wellbeing. Here you learn to give the full serious of Aquaprana Healing sessions. It is a beautiful work for healing your self and for working with people. It also is a great way to bring more trust and intimacy to your relationships.

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