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Osho Aquaprana Bodywork Training 2

The Art of Love and Intimacy

with: Dwari und Shanti
Mittwoch, 22. November 2017, 21:30 Uhr - Sonntag, 26. November 2017

Osho Miasto

Water connects you to the origin of life!

Deepening in the experience of Aquaprana bodywork will bring you back from the time in the womb to the moment of birth giving you the opportunity to heal it’s original shock and trauma.

All our learning of closeness and intimacy comes from the prenatal time in the womb and the bounding with the mother after birth.

The warm water acts as a therapeutic womb and reconnects you to your self-healing flow of life energy.

Issues touched will be worked with in a supportive group process and additional breathing sessions.

Floating in water with a partner supports you overcoming, unwinding and releasing all the fears store in your body and the unconscious, bringing softness and relaxation, opening your heart for the joy of love.

In this process you will come out refresh, rebalance and with rejuvenated vital powers.

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