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Starlight Transomatic Dialogue - Module 2 - Trance Training

with: Adhiraj
Mittwoch, 03. April 2019, 10:00 Uhr - Dienstag, 09. April 2019


Transomatic Dialogue – Trance Training module : 

In this module the step by step Transomatic Dialogue Trance induction will be demonstrated, experienced and learned. Transomatic Trance is the foundational tool that allows the day to day mind to relax, revealing the depth and wonder of the human being. 

It allows access with exceptional clarity to the body sensations and connecting to the state of Feeling-Sense Awarenss that opens the door either for a Starlight Transomatic or Akashic processes session.

In this module participants will be also introduced to the details of the Intergration phase that happens at the end of each session. Intergration phase provides a unique step by step process to incorporate, assimilate and make available in the clients’s day to day life whatever has been discovered or revealed in the deep states of relaxation during each session. It creates a lay out for the day to day mind to receive whatever may be valuable from the session and move through the stages of Healing, Balancing, Intergration and Harmonization.

You may choose to participate as part of the Practitioner’s training or just to get a glimpse of the relaxation that you may bring into your life through a direct and efficient way of relaxation of the day to day  mind. It can also enhance your understanding and experience of what is commonly known as mindfulness.

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