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Osho Diamond Breath Training

Breathing into Life

with: Shanti, Adhiraj, Dwari und Pushan
7.Jun. 24 - 29.Jun.24

Location: Osho Miasto

A breath and bodywork training in three modules.
Each module can be booked seperately.

1. module: breathing into a new life, 9. - 16. june 23
2. module: born in love, 18. – 24. june 23
3. module: the three keys of consciousness, 26. june – 1. july 23

The breath of the buddhas

The art and science of transformation by energy oriented body- and breath work is an essential part of professional therapy today! A profound understanding of the human breath for healing, wellbeing, loving relationships and spiritual awakening is of great importance for modern man.

A holistic therapy training

Osho Diamond Breath© is a merger of Western therapy and Eastern meditation, grown in the presence of the mystic Osho. It is deeply rooted in the Psychology of the Buddha's the art of living totally and consciously in love, joy and health. By shifting the focus of therapy from mind to meditation it opens a new pathway for inner growth.

Deep and conscious breathing is a direct way to enhance the capacity to relax and enjoy the mysteries of life. The training teaches you the skills to work with the fascinating tool of breathing and makes your own transformation and fulfilment the solid foundation of working with people.  

Module 1: Breathing into life

Trance energetic breathing and dynamic tension release©

Trance Energetic Breathing gives you a profound experience of the work of the human breath: for healing, great being and spiritual awakening. You learn a beautiful therapeutic method for stress release, emotional awareness and inner transformation.
This intense breathing technique allows a new integration of the conscious and unconscious mind. It supports your ability for being healthy, joyful, creative and meditative. It dissolves negative breathing and chronic fear patterns and opens for the pleasures of your bio energy.
With the techniques of Dynamic Tension Release you learn to relax and vitalize the body, clear mental tensions, balance emotions, open the heart and spiritual being. Active Meditation, key elements of body-psychotherapy, grounding techniques, tribal dance, the art of therapeutic touch and regression support this process of inner healing.
A key in working with the power of breath is the understanding of the breath energy centres. Breath Awareness Work gives you an insight into their functioning and their multidimensional effects on reconnecting you to an ecstatic state of inner being.

Module 2: Born in love

Tantric breathing and Osho birth integration©

Osho Diamond Breath gives you sophisticated techniques from the fascinating world of breathing for exploring the early stages of life. In the light of conscious breathing you learn to overcome traumas and anxieties.

Tantric Breathing and Dynamic Bodywork open your pelvis and bring to the surface sexual conditioning resulting from unfulfilled natural needs of birth and the time after birth. The chemistry of sex is similar to the chemistry at birth between mother and child.

The way you are born and take your first breath decides the way you come out in life. Missing a relaxed birth and warm invitation into life you loose your breath. Without inner balance and trust you develop self-destructive patterns of fighting or collapsing.

In the process of Osho Birth Integration you release deep unconscious tensions from the birth trauma. You heal the fear of separation and negative bonding with the mother. You learn to unlock your own body for a deep and joyful breath and guide others through a rebirth.

Module 3: three keys to consciousness

The cosmic breath and the dance of conception

Your life develops dependent on the waves of energy created by the quality of your breathing. The way you breathe you grow from sex to love, live your intimate relationships and ultimately let go in the process of dying.

Your body carries all the memory of your life experiences. If you learn to reconnect to your intuitive intelligence and decode the language of the body you can unveil the hidden secrets of a life-time by Interactive Body Reading.

The moment of your life's creation left the first imprint in your breath and energy-body. Here you learn how to explore prenatal life all the way back to the Dance of Conception. You become aware of your deepest conditioning.

The rhythm of breathing is the rhythm of life. It reflects the play of male and female, love and aloneness, life and death. Tao calls it the rhythm of Ying and Yang - the origin of all creation. Balancing the breath you find inner peace and harmony.

When love becomes your inner breath you move beyond the circle of life and death. In meditation you reconnect to the Cosmic Breath of energy and consciousness - the ultimate resource for a greater life. You have learnt what the art of breathing can teach you.

information and registration: www.oshomiasto.it

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