The Inner Adventure that can change your Life


Beloved breathing friends,

We just finished a beautiful Osho Diamondbreath training in Osho Miasto again. Such touching deeps transforming into joy day by day, meditation, breathing, sharing and exploring life. You all know it from your own experience.

Also Shanti and I did the first Aqua Prana training in the new hot water pool of Osho Sagar was a new adventure with some surprises and an unwinding into the intelligence of the body. We all dared to trust letting go into the body movements in water opening into an incredible sense of connection and freedom, both at the same time.

In this time together some changes became clear too. Next year the SummerMultiversity in Osho Miasto will have a change in the leading team.

In a way it has been building up already in the last two year and now it takes form.

Devapath would like to work more with Nalini and focus on China and some new places for himself. Mainly doing the training in 7 or 10 day parts

Shanti and I decided to keep the 3 weeks process in Miasto. We felt it is to precious a process and an experience for all who are there for these weeks, so we for sure will to go on with it.

For us having the chance to work and live for three weeks in the atmosphere of an Osho Buddhafield, which Miasto is, we experiencing that every time new and for each of us as a living experiement.

So Pushan and Adhiraj will join me and Shanti into the three weeks adventure of breathing in the leading team and we are excited to see what will unfold in this fresh energy.

The Training in Miasto will be the only 3 week Osho Diamond Breath Training in the context of a Osho Buddhafield.

Osho Miasto as a community where live, work and love is rooted in meditation is a wonderful and unique container for this three week breathing adventure.

This is an invitation to join us breathing and exploring you life energy and your life purpose.
We will have different advertising and Newletters for the Miasto program and what Devapath is offering, not to confuse you or give a sense of separation just more because of working logistic’s and keep things clear.

All the programs will still be found on the website as well on all our individual websites.

Like before when you know that want to come to Miasto for the three weeks you connect with Shanti or me or best directly with Osho Miasto:

Love to share the adventure of breathing and meditation with you…

Dwari, Shanti and Devapath