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Oshos Diamond Breath Therapy

The Roots of the International Breath Energy School…

… go back to the early eighties when Dwari a teacher and Devapath a physician became Osho therapists. They have since coordinated different trend setting Osho centres in Germany and have lived in the European Osho Communes teaching breath therapy.

In the late eighties they were invited to coordinate the breath therapy program and later on the Centre for Transformation in the new Osho Multiversity in the Osho Commune in Pune. In the end of the nineties, Shunyo, Osho’s former caretaker, was invited to be a guest therapist and to teach her beautiful meditation skills in the school.

With the beginning of the new century the Osho International Breath Energy School took a new turn. When the Osho Commune in Pune changed into the Osho Resort the school moved to enjoy a new and breathtaking adventure in Miasto the Osho Commune situated in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. At this time Shanti with her great organizing, dance and mystery school skills also joined the team.

Many friends have enjoyed taking our trainings and work now in different countries around the world with the diamond of breath. Here we would like to thank all of them for their loving support in bringing a fresh breath - "Osho's Breath" – to humanity, which is in great need for a new perspective on how to live.

A New Therapy

Since the seventies …

… therapists living around the enlightened mystic Osho in his legendary commune in India have developed a new vision for inner growth and the celebration of life. Under the guidance of Osho a spiritual therapy evolved to support a healthy, loving and meditative life style - a therapy with reverence to the breath of life.

Diverting from traditional therapy, this new style of therapy moves from analyzing towards a realization of our enormous energetic potential. It also moves us to take a divine breath into the "here and now". In a process of clearing ourselves from old tensions, blockages and life negative conditioning we learn to love and to come home into ourselves.

In the womb of Osho's Commune a therapy of the moment, a meditative-oriented therapy, was born. After centuries of being mislead in our longing for spiritual fulfilment today we have all the tools that are necessary to prepare our inner garden for the experience of a deep breath into love and consciousness.

In Osho Therapy, Eastern spirituality and Western therapy merge to create a modern path for transformation. With each breath it allows us to transcend all cultures and makes us realize the uniqueness of each human being.

Learning to enjoy a rich and meaningful life is the trademark of our distinct style of working with people.

Oshos Diamond Breath

For 30 years …

… the work of Osho Diamond Breath™ has existed and continues to grow - and there is no end to it. The diamond of breath shines in thousands of facets. Once we discover the power of breath, we will find ourselves wandering in an ever expanding and fascinating universe.

We have looked from many aspects into the art, science and the mystery of breath. It has left us with a key insight; whatever therapeutic or meditative method we work with, it needs to affect the way we breathe in order to heal and transform our lives.

Oshos Diamond Breath™ is the result of a deep learning over many years of therapeutic self-experience, education, social experiments in Communes and Communities and ultimately meditating with Osho. It gives our breath therapy the enlightened perspective of the Psychology of the Buddhas.

The Summer Multiversity

Oshos Summer Multiversity …

… is the heart of our school and is situated in the gorgeous hillside of Tuscany in Italy: it’s a university to learn the art of inner transformation!

To learn more about it click.js to Summer Multiversity » »