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The Power of Tantra 1

Breath Massage Meditation

with: Shanti
Sonntag, 24. September 2017, 09:00 Uhr - Sonntag, 24. September 2017


Centro Crisálida , Alvaro Obregón 286, Col. Roma Norte, México

with Shanti and Pranshu

Enjoy Your Body - Awaken your Senses - Silence your Mind

Tantra says befriend your body and awake your senses. Live intensely and ride on the wave of sexual energy towards love and awareness. This will be your greatest transformation.

Loving yourself people will come close to you. Not even loving yourself people will avoid you. Here you learn first to purify the body from all repressions. You come home in your body and you connect to the most vital energy – your sexual energy. Second you learn to awaken your senses and free them from dullness.

The world of the senses is tremendously rich. Tantra says that they are the windows to reality, to god. When you are disconnected from your sensitivity and sensuality you cause wounds to yourself and the other.

Connectig with your body, massage, gentil touch and beautiful ceremonies allow you to find a new loving way to relate to your body and to experience orgasmic joy.

Relationships will greatly benefit from exploring new ways to feel, to be sensual and to see the other with fresh eyes. When you can drop old routines you can discover the beauty in each other again: the way you walk, you dance or you celebrate your aliveness.

Third you learn to liberate your mind from obsessive thinking by the power of meditation. If the mind relaxes your whole being relaxes. The door to silence and inner peacefulness opens. You relate from heart to heart and a new vision of life enters into your being. Tantra says if you can go on finding new ways of doing things every day your life will remain an adventure. Have your signature on everything that you do. Bring individuality into life. Be your own being.

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