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The Natural Man Process

Earth Element, connecting with the roots

with: Adhiraj und Pushan
Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 20:00 Uhr - Sonntag, 03. Dezember 2017


Nowe Kawkowo 52a, 11-042 Jonkowo, Polonia


(The inner meeting )


Since the very moment we get into this world as a baby born till our mature stage, we passed through different developmental stages from where we build up different strategies in orther to survive; as well, we recibed from our parents, family, society, , teachers, etc… a behavioral and believe mental system called  personality, carácter.

Old paradigmas, the missunderstanding of how male and female energy moves in a positive and negative polarities,  the new challenges of the man in the modern society such us: stress, depression, lack of energy, isolation, confussion, competition, etc…has desconected us as men from our roots, from our deep sence of been presents, adventurous, creatives .As well we lost the benefits that comes out fom a brotherhood , moving from competition to colaboration, from isolation to frienship, from the alonliness to shearing.

Cleaning up the garvage descharging of old tensions, shearing, reconecting with ourselfs and the others, meditating together, supporting each other, descovering our natural cualityes and the meeting of our inner man and woman will be the goals of this process to become more natural, more expontaneus, alive and presents.






This process has been developed for the modern man who is facing different challenges in the modern society.


It brings together different techniques and methods such as bioenergetics, breath work, roll play, transomatic dialogue, psycodrama, trauma healing, while at the same time expands and find roots in active meditations.


These methods and techniques will guide us into the process of transformation, allowing us to develop an inner space, an atmosphere from where the new man can grow into a new life.


It consists of 5 separates modules,

following the natural elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, Metal, Water, all with specific themes.


Module 1 – Earth Element – Connecting to the Roots


We start from grounding, rooting and discovering the natural expression of our male energy.

Moving into the development of our personality and the impact that mother/father energies had on us in positive an negative ways.

We will explore the collective archetypes and the family male roots to bring awareness and allow healing.


Once we have grounded and cleaned up our conditioned, hidden and distorted energies we are ready to meet the inner man and the inner woman.

The time is right for the new man to blossom into unio mystica, into meditation.




The Natural Man Process -


Module 1 – Earth Element - Connecting to the Roots


In our modern time, man has lost the connection with nature and the natural qualities of his male energy.

He faces the challenges of modern society which brings him to stress, tension, endless competition, chronic fatigue, burnout, violence, depression, lack of energy, isolation and confused about his role and function in life.


From the moment of our birth until our maturity, we pass through many different developmental stages that form the way we behave and perceive the environment.

This natural journey of growth is exposed to the beliefs and behaviors of our parents, family, culture, teachers and society that create our personality, character or conditioned male self.


The modern man has lost the benefits that come out of a natural brotherhood of men.

A meeting of men bringing awareness to the old patterns, allows the movement from competition to collaboration, from isolation to friendship, from holding back into sharing,

from loneliness into aloneness and meditation.


In this seminar you have the opportunity

  • discharge old tensions from the past,
  • reconnect with your natural male energy,
  • receive the healing support from a group of men
  • rediscover your natural qualities of action, authority, creativity, spontaneity, joy, relaxation.
  • to reconnect to your roots,
  • recognize and receive support from the transformational power of active meditations
  • learn bioenergetic exercises to release stress and tention


The Natural Man process is where a man meets men,

An opportunity to discover and express your true nature,

Expand your energy beyond the conditioning of the past.




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