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Refreshing Life and Liver Cleanse

with: Adhiraj
- postponed until further notice -

Location: Osheanic, Brazil

Refrwshing Life & Liver Cleanse

With Gulistan, Nirdosh & Adhiraj

An 8-day journey we will share all together, going through a soft, effective and absolutely scientific liver cleansing method in a safe and comfortable space, and at the same time receiving all the physical, emotional and spiritual support needed.

The liver is a vital organ of the body, as vital as the heart or the brain, and it has been found that around 80% of the adult population with a standard diet have accumulated cholesterol stones in the liver or gallbladder restricting the flow of bile affecting the general functioning of the whole body.

The particular cleansing method we use allows these stones to be released from the liver and gallbladder without pain receiving incredible health benefits for the whole body. The process is purely scientific and will be refined and personalized by the medical doctor on the team for each participant according to his or her individual needs. 

It is an opportunity to do this cleanse within a group format since it provides the support of different meditation techniques, Chi Gong exercises, a beautiful energy field of the Osho Afroz center, supportive nutritious diet and daily sharing. 

Don´t miss this opportunity to cleanse and rejuvenate your whole body!

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