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The Natural Man Process

with: Adhiraj und Pushan
Mittwoch, 18. April 2018, 09:00 Uhr - Samstag, 21. April 2018


Rome, Italy

The Natural Man process

With Pushan & Adhiraj

In our modern time, man has lost the connection with nature and the natural qualities of his male energy. 
He faces the challenges of modern society which brings him to stress, tension, endless competition, chronic fatigue, burnout, impotence, violence, depression, lack of energy, isolation and confused about his role and function in life.
From the moment of our birth until our maturity, we pass through many different developmental stages that form the way we behave and perceive the environment.

This natural journey of growth is exposed to the beliefs and behaviors of our parents, family, culture, teachers and society that create our personality, character or conditioned/limited male self. 
The modern man has lost the benefits that come out of a natural brotherhood of men. 

A meeting of men bringing awareness to the old patterns, allows the movement from competition to collaboration, from isolation to friendship, from holding back into sharing, from stuckness into flow and creativity, from loneliness into fulfillment and meditation.

In this seminar you have the opportunity 
•    discharge old tensions from the past that limit the expression of your male energy
•    reconnect with your natural male vitality, 
•    receive the healing support from a group of men 
•    re-discover your natural qualities of action, authority, creativity, spontaneity, joy, relaxation.
•    to reconnect to your roots and energy of your sex centre
•    recognize and receive support from the transformational power of active meditations
•    learn bioenergetic exercises to release stress and tension in day to day life

The Natural Man process is where a man meets men, 
An opportunity to discover and express your true nature,
Reconnect with your vitality,
Expand your energy beyond the limitations of the past.

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