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Breathing your emotions

All our emotions can be released and also balanced through breathing

with: Pushan und Dwari
3.Nov. 21 - 7.Nov.21

Location: Osho Miasto

Our body is the window to a rich world of energy, sensations, emotions and expressions. All our emotions are reflected in our breathing. Love, anger, frustration, joy, disappointment, tenderness…….and so many more alive sometimes contradictory expressions of being human. 

We have in our own body the capacity to regulate ourselves through knowing how to release and balance our emotional reactions.

But many of us have lost touch with it. We have been busy to learn how to function, that the natural spontaneous messages of the body don’t find a way into our consciousness. We even learned to judge and be afraid of our own emotions. 

Giving space to breathing and the healthy emotionality in the body we open again to a beautiful sensuous flow of our life energy. Finding an honest connection with our needs and a more direct expression of how we feel in the moment.

In these 4 days of body and energy work we use movement, breath, bioenergetics, massage, voice and guided meditations moving into a clear rootedness in our body. Seeing all the restricting ideas and judgments and going beyond them - we explore a new knowing of the abilities and sensitivities, the strength and the softness of the body and our emotions. 

A deep body experience and an understand and acceptance of our emotions is the first step towards self-recognition, self-love and acceptance, towards shared love and meditation. 

info & registration: groupoffice@oshomiasto.it

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