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Transformation Through Breathing. Module 1

with: Pushan
Dienstag, 09. April 2019, 00:00 Uhr - Sonntag, 14. April 2019




This training in breathing, is an experimental approach to support the work and development of self and work with others, through the breath.

It is designed to create a good basis for the following modules and to create a safe space for self and emotions and be able to sustain us throughout the trip.

We are all born completely open and in resonance with life. On the way to becoming adults, due to the influence of the conditions of our society, schools and caregivers, we form in a particular way to fit into the circle of loved ones and society in which we live. Yes, maybe we learn to become members of society to work well, but as a result also disconnect us with our true nature. We forget the qualities we bring to this world that make us who we really are; the true source within us to feel in unity, in harmony with ourselves and with existence. The very essence that makes us each of us unique in our own way. As a result of this separation from our source, we begin to feel unhappy, disconnected from our bodies and hearts. We learn to live in a very chaotic life filled with stress and chronic fatigue or experiencing some problems healthier. We begin to feel the emptiness of something, something we can not name. Day by day, our life energy begins to fade and leaves us with the feeling that "there is something that makes me happy, but I do not know why." We project this longing to feel full, with money, power or others. We disconnect with the real power within us and unconsciously, we forgot to polish the diamond that we all are. With the pressure of being away from the source, from our center we create a shield as protection mechanisms and body armor to survive in this chaos.

In this first module breathing training, our goal is to create na good base to experience and bring the power of the mind to the body; to create a safe space where you can experience what it is to be in your body in a natural and relaxed manner.

We work in a very gentle way to dissolve the tension in the system, with the following tools and benefits:

  • Specific techniques release tension in the different body parts, relating to different segments where stress builds up. As we begin to release the tension we carry in our system, we begin to feel more connected with ourselves, offering the opportunity to experience a completely open system in our body and mind. Once we open our body, we will have an idea of ​​who we really are, and a deep understanding of what our needs are and what prevents us from being in our total life energy.
  • We feel more connected with life, with others and begin to recognize the symptoms in our body when tension is revealed.
  • We will be more energetic and healthy.
  • Experience what it means to be in our hearts face to be in our minds and the euphoria connecting the vital energy that has been blocked in our system by retention patterns unconsciously create in our lives.
  • We practice different types of work dedicated to each segment to release all the tension introduced in our muscular system breathing.
  • We learn some exercises to keep work in everyday life.
  • Bailaremos, connect and simply learn to be more in tune with the joy of life.
  • We will have a deep understanding of how to be available for us and for others to feel connected and move from separation to unity in life.
  • Explore the healing qualities of conscious contact and benefits that are created in our relationship with ourselves and with the world.

We learn how to be more in harmony with our body with the support of active Osho meditations. These meditations come from different traditions such as Sufism, Buddhism, Tibetans, Taoism and modern guided meditations. Finally, we will experience the space of silence where we will be listening again to the existence and our true nature, again remembering who we really are.


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