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The Natural Man Process

Back into the Roots 

with: Adhiraj und Pushan
- postponed until further notice -

Location: Poland

It is the right time for the new man to flourish in mystical Union in meditation.

  • This transformation process has - been developed to Accompany, support and help men Understand and navigate the various challenges That modern society poses. 

    Combines different techniques and methods : such as Bioenergetics, the diamond breath and Work With the body segments (Wilhelm Reich), the Transomatic dialogue, psychodrama, RPGs and Jungian archetypes, trauma healing (somatic expiriencing) while it is expanding and is rooted in the active meditation. 

    A Profound reconnection With our true nature, access to the qualities of masculine energy, rooting and presence, vitality and vigor, creativity and expression, openness and connection, direction and understanding, silence and stillness, will be the benefits we will get through esta process .


Modern man has lost his connection with nature and naturally the qualities in the male energy Which is Expressed. 

The challenges of modern society Have As A result, stress, chronic stress, fatigue, violence, depression, lack of energy, isolation, competition and confusion About our place and our role in life. 

From birth to adulthood, we experience various stages of growth are the basis of That our behavior of our beliefs and the way we Perceive the environment, form our character, our personality, our conditioning. 

As men Have forgotten, We Have disconnected from the benefits of Connecting with other men give us.The Encounter Between Men Helps us to discover old patterns, behaviors and beliefs, pendulous Allows us from competition to cooperation, friendship isolation, loneliness by sharing, from fear to confidence and meditation. 

This seminar will take you to:

  • We started rooting us and exploring the polarity of masculine energy, enabling Integrating STI and form of expression naturally.

  • Once ingrained, we look to the development of our personality and the impact of energies father / mother in us, Both in Positive and Negative ways.

  • Collective archetypes and explore the roots of the male in our family, THUS bringing attention to our patterns, transforming and healing them.

  • Understanding, exploring and inhabiting our different energies, we are prepared for internal meeting of male and female energy.

  • Experience the transforming power of active meditations.

  • Learn different techniques you can use in That your daily life to release stress and access deep relaxation.

This process nature of man, men are men Where is, is a unique opportunity to discover and express your true nature in a safe place and trust your life energy expanding beyond the conditioning of the past.

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