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Transformation Through Breathing. Module 3

with: Pushan
- postponed until further notice -

Location: Poland

Transformation through breathing.   MODULE 3

This training in breathing, is an experimental approach to support the work and development of self and work with others, through the breath.


We all eat to this completely open and in resonance With the same life. However, as we Become adults, we adapt to our environment by creating a set of coping Mechanisms and body armor: our personality. It Helps us to feel safe and to function in society Effectively, but disconnects us from our Present true nature. We forget the very essence each of us That Makes unique. As a result, we feel frustrated Often, stressed, empty, disconnected from our bodies and hearts. We lose our inner power and naturally our happiness and projected on money, power or others. THE PROCESS In This training we aim to go beyond personality patterns, old tensions dissolve,That release unexpressed feelings so we can bring our minds to the power of the body, feeling again the free flow of life energy and connect with our true nature. We will Achieve esta by reducing the body segment by segment. Our focus will be dynamic stress release Including respiration, bioenergetics, somatic experience, dynamic meditations, dance and conscious contact. The focus will be on the heart and pelvis. We will investigate and heal patterns of abandonment and rejection in our past, unlock the heart and we'll open the flow of love. We will work With the pelvis, the center of our energy, to awaken our sexuality and healthy pleasure. And connect the heart with the pelvis to fully experience the power of love.

  • You'll feel more connected with life and with others, beginning to Recognize the symptoms in our bodies When voltage is displayed.

  • It will be more energetic and healthier.

  • You will experience what it Means to be in our hearts and our minds versus Euphoria Energizing life, locked in our system expected patterns unconsciously Have we created in our lives

  • You will practice different types of work Aimed at breathing each segment, to release all the stress in our muscular system restored

  • You will learn exercises to keep releasing stress in daily life

  • Bailarás, you will connect and simply learn to be more in tune with the joy of life.

  • You have a deep understanding of how to be available for us and for others to feel connected and move from separation to unity in life.

  • You will examine the healing qualities of touch conscious and the benefits it in our relationship Creates With Ourselves and the World With.

  • You will learn to be more in Harmony with our body through the support of Osho Active Meditations.

  • We experience the silence of space Where we will again tune into the existence and our true nature again remembering who we really are.

The workshop is Taught in Inglés with translation into Polish.

More information and reservations: 

Nadi Marta Gabalewicz 


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