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Breath - an Inner Journey to Yourself

with: Dwari
- postponed until further notice -

Location: Flackl-Wirt Reichenau, Austria

The body can be a window to a rich world of energy, sensations, feelings and expressions. But many of us have lost touch with it. W e have been busy to learn how to function, that the natural spontaneous messages of the body don’t find a way into our consciousness.

In these 3 days of body and energy work we use movement, breath, bioenergetics, massage, voice and guided meditations to find a clear rootedness in our body. Seeing all the restricting ideas and judgments and going beyond them - we explore a new knowing of the abilities and sensitivities, the strength and the softness of the body.

A deep body experience is the first step towards self-recognition, self-love and acceptance, towards shared love and meditation.

start: Thursday, 14.30 pm, end: Sunday after late lunch

venue: Flackl-Wirt, Reichenau/Rax

€ 380,-

info & registration:

Atibha E. Sula: atibha@yahoo.com

+43 650 269 76 49

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