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Beyond Family Trauma

A family constellation intensive with focus on the trauma field of the family

with: Dwari
26.Oct. 22 - 30.Oct.22

Location: Osho Risk Denmark

A family constellation intensive with focus on the trauma field of the family. 
Family constellation is a beautiful tool to uncover hidden dynamics that entangle us into the destiny of our family.
Often in life we are stuck in feeling unworthy or unable to create healthy relationships and we have difficulties in finding prosperity for ourselves. We wonder what the obstacles are and do not realise that parts of our life energy are still locked in our child consciousness.
In order to survive the child needs to belong to a family. It binds itself through unconditional love into the events of the family field, which often are deeply traumatic.
Instead of moving out we keep repeating the same life pattern like our family. It takes courage to confront the identifications we hold for our family and to challenge the security of our bonding. By acknowledging the powerful love force of the child we can consciously move beyond.
In this process we uncover the different dimensions of relating dynamics in families and relationships

  • emotional ties
  • bonding into the family system and its trauma
  • essential dimension

We use family constellation and methods of trauma release to clear the different dimensions inside of us as well as in the family field.
This experience creates a clear understanding of this dynamic and roots us in existence with deep respect to where we come from – without having to fulfil the same destiny anymore.
We can leave the family expectations behind and ask inside for the next movement in our lifes.
location: Osho Risk (DK) 
Information & registration:
+45 7575 2500

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