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with: Pushan
- postponed until further notice -

Location: Zagreb. CROATIA


The breath is the first and the last act. We came to this world with a deep breath and leave this world with a deep breath.

The breath is the link, the bridge between our physical body, our emotional and energetic body.

breathing rhythm deep is the foundation of a healthy body, a clear mind and focused and vibrant body.

This expansive connection is often called ocean respiration, where the mind and body interact together in harmony and flow constant.

When we breathe deeply, we would welcome, feel, honor and embody our feelings and emotions openly and spontaneously.

breathing deeply will help us get in touch with our vitality, vitality, vigor, presence, creativity, intuition and compassion.

On another level, breathing is also the key to access healthy sexuality; through breathing, sexual energy may finally flow freely from the centers lower energy to higher centers, and open to a totally different from that of the experience orgasm.

In this experience orgasm not only feels and is in the sexual organs, but throughout the body, leading to a deeper level of letting go and meditate.

Unfortunately, most of us have lost this natural language and spontaneous our body.

  • Why we have lost connection with our breath?

  • Why we breathe in such a superficial way?

We came to this world rooted in our Hara , in our belly, confident and secure in our body. Then in our journey to become adults and after years of education, social and religious conditioning, traumatic events, family problems .. we have learned at an unconscious level to use our breath as an emotional cushion restricting its flow.

On the one hand, this strategy unconscious has kept us safe, but otherwise, we have disconnected from our biology, our true selves and our true nature.

The end result is that, very often, live a life with a constant feeling of disconnection, separation and neurosis.

In our time, science shows, and increasingly, the connection between biological responses and emotional incomplete past events and symptoms of many diseases.

In this workshop, we will create a safe space for open ourselves to privacy, and use methods and techniques old and new revolutionary, that will help us reconnect again with the natural flow of vital energy and recover the hidden qualities that we are all born.

We will have the opportunity to experience the power of breath, active meditations, exercises release trauma, conscious movement and the healing touch which naturally reveal the hidden qualities of relaxation that can be connected to new dimensions of compassion, intimacy , strength and vitality.

Also we experience the healing dimension of energy group receiving a combination of Eastern and Western approaches to internal growth, relaxation and meditation.


  • Open physical and mental patterns chronically tense

  • Open to the natural wave of pleasure

  • Open to ecstatic experiences of integrity.

  • Receive tools to expand intimacy in relationships.

  • Reconnecting with joy, happiness and creativity.

  • Realize and understand how the body may contain pleasure.

  • Learn meditation methods and techniques to support the day.

  • Discover keys to feel full and satisfied with life

  • Connect to the powerful method for attaching the body / mind through Diamond Breath

Organizer: KATERINA: 385 98643470

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