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with: Adhiraj und Pushan
- postponed until further notice -

Location: Praga. Czeck Republic


In this workshop we will explore the unconscious patterns that like a shadow doesn’t aloud us to live all our potencial.

The very fact to try to be good, perfect, nice, happy, etc.. creates a huge amount of tension in our system. A human is just a human and collect all human emotions, feelings and sensations, we can not avoid them because whatever you avoid is waiting in a corner to pop up and the very repression of it creates a big amount of tension in our body.

We will create a safe space to explore and to look into this hidden parts that we try to hide and we will give space for them to be expressed. This will create a huge relaxation in our system, we will experience a big compassion towards this parts that has been avoid for long time which will give us a big relief and will open us up to self love and  Meditation.




E-mail: lufocus@gmail.com

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