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with: Pushan
- postponed until further notice -

Location: Vilnius. LITHUANIA

One key, one of the Most Important Keys We Have for to access and connect to our vital energy (sexual energy), is undoubtedly the conscious breathing.


The more conscious, the more in touch and your breathing deeper, more can access your inner feelings, your emotions, biology and physiology of the body. Ultimately, you move towards a more lively, more authentic, more connected person with your true nature.


Is an enormous amount of People Living with shortness of breath. This is Because They use breathing as an emotional cushion; is without doubt an unconscious way of monitoring and repression of memories and events of the past, at least, we are uncomfortable.


Since ancient times, it is Known That the energy as a steady stream Moves Carried by the waves of breath. This flow goes from the sacrum to the crown; and the crown to the sacrum. When This flow is freed from blockages created by the past Situations, we can reach our full potential; we can experience the pleasure That dwells in our body With each breathing wave. Feelings of liveliness, joy, unity, are the result of this connection.


The diamond breath, is a method That Gives us emotional freedom, Helps the healing of old memories and unconscious patterns, a reconnection With our profound nature and the free expression of our sexual energy.


In This 2 days semminar, we will focus on creating a safe space in Which to trust and open up to the experience of  Tantric Breath . We Experiment With Different techniques and methods help us remove the That tensions of the past; We will support to break the locks in different  energetic segments impede the flow of our sexual nature energy (Life energy).

Tools : The Diamod Breath® , touch conscious, conscious movement, dance,  bioenergetic exercises, tramuma's healing (Somatic Experiencing ), role play ... and with the Osho's Active Meditations , we will support in our our journey towards sexuality, to the exploration of our full potential as human Beings.

In This seminar you will learn and experience:

  • 3 brains: mental, emotional and primary.

  • 7  energy segments: in each of them, moving in Their polarity negative-positive

  • Please Movements and exercises to opening segments.

  • The release of tension; dynamic relaxation of tensions.

  • Different breathing techniques for each emotional state.

  • The Diamod Breath® and Its Benefits for Mental, emotional and physical health.

  • The wave of breathing and the circle of light.

  • Experience the orgasmic capacity of the body.

  • Active meditations you can do at home to keep active energy centers.



SARANI. E-mail: vilionyte@gmail.com

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