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Breath - Passionate Living 1

dissolving childhood trauma

with: Dwari
20.Apr. 23 - 23.Apr.23

Location: Flackl-Wirt Reichenau, Austria

part 1 of a three part self exploration program. Each module can be booked separately.
part 1: 20. - 23. April 2023
part 2: 28. Sep. – 1. Okt. 2023
part 3: 9. – 12. Nov. 2023

In our childhood we go physically and psychologically through different natural developmental stages. In the first 7 years the conditioning imposed on the child manifests already in the body structure, the mind and the way the child relates to others and life.
If parents would understand this natural growing process and simply support without putting stress on the child many difficulties and problems in our adult life would just disappear.

In the first stage - even before being born inside the womb - one settles into the sense of being wanted or not, which gives a deep trust and the Right to Be.
After birth the child is depended on the mother to have all his needs fulfilled. This time is a natural state of relaxing into the Right to Need.  When the child begins to stand on his own feet it discovers the Right to Move and Explore. The world becomes an adventure in learning through the body and the senses. The Childs sense of himself as a separate being in a body on its own brings a incredible strength when allow and opens into the Right to have Willpower or the Right to say No.
Saying no and still being loved relaxes the child to express her feelings and emotions in a healthy way. The Right to Love and feel Pleasure creates a solid grounding in the body.

When one knows about this stages and looks at adults one can immediately see through the body structure and the behaviour pattern in what stage things went wrong in childhood. We can recognise different types, like the Split type, the Need type, the Controller, the Holder, the Rigid type.

This 5 days process gives an experience and an understanding of what happened to each of us in the early years of childhood. In a loving atmosphere we discover our own body type and life story hidden in it.   Also we find tools how to consciously recognise once own pattern and find a way to release the tensions, which we carry in the body for such a long time.

For participants who are parents to themselves, it will be a very essential discovery to see that what happened to them most of the time they did to their own children also.  It can break an unconscious repetition of painful stress and create a more healthy and happy human being.

start on Thursday at 03:00 pm
end on Sunday at 01:00 pm

costs: 380 € plus board & lodging

place: Flackl Wirt, Reichenau/Rax
please check your rooms directly with the place

info & registration:
Atibha E. Sula: atibha@yahoo.com
+43 650 269 76 49

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