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Breath: Passionate Living 3

tantric breathing

with: Dwari
9.Nov. 23 - 12.Nov.23

Location: Flackl-Wirt Reichenau, Austria

Tantra means saying yes to oneself and to the roots of our sexuality.

Tantric breathing teaches you to accept, love and transform your self by orgasmic breathing.

You gently open your sexual energy flow and release old fears around intimacy. You relax into the beauty of your body and its senses and experience the greatest gift in life: to open your heart for the joy of love.

This journey along the stages of your sexual development brings new light and clarity to your love life. You discover amazing breathing techniques to surf on the waves of sexual energy.

Tantric meditations heal and prepare you for the mystic union of sex and the heart.

start on Thursday at 03:00 pm
end on Sunday at 01:00 pm

costs: 380 € plus board & lodging

place: Flackl Wirt, Reichenau/Rax
please check your rooms directly with the place

Info & registration:
Atibha E. Sula: atibha@yahoo.com or +43 (0)650 269 76 49

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