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Breath of the Dolphin

with: Shanti
5.May. 23 - 7.May.23

Location: Osho Miasto

Learn to enjoy your life with the sensuality, aliveness and grace of a dolphin.

Trusting, relaxing and letting go is the world of Aquaprana Water Healing.
 This gentle experience in warm water, releases and dissolves chronic tensions and is an invitation to your senses to awaken.
 You refresh, rebalance and rejuvenate your vital powers. You relax your nervous and strengthen your immune system to heal chronic stress and health problems.
 Soft touch, deep breathing, warm water and tantric meditations brings spontaneous and self-healing flow of life energy and supports you to grow deeper into intimacy.
 “Man is also a small wave in the ocean. A small seed full of infinite potentialities. OSHO

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