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Breathing from Fear to Intimacy 

with: Shanti
3.Nov. 23 - 5.Nov.23

Location: Osho Miasto

Every body is afraid of intimacy whether you are aware of it or not, and at the same time we all long for it.

We attempt to have intimate, authentic and loving relationships and wonder why it never seems to "work"

Why is it so difficult? 

The answer is in our past. How we were loved and how love was demonstrated and taught to us by parents, siblings, society and religion.

Only if we learn to release our breath from old restraints and emotional wounds and unburden our heart, we can again reach deep health in our body, mind, heart and spirit.

In this group we will use meditation, breath, therapy, movement and relating to release the energies stuck in our bodies and open our hearts to love!

Before you can attain intimacy you have to clean your house completely. Only a man of meditation can aloud intimacy to happen    Osho

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