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Beyond Woman

From Female Conditioning to Inner Freedom

with: Dwari
20.Apr. 22 - 24.Apr.22

Location: Osho Uta Cologne

Halima and Dwari
have developed this process and love to share it with every woman interested in female transformation:
Let's look at our female conditioning for the roles of mother, wife and geisha, and rediscover the intrinsic value of being a woman.
This course is facilitated by a team of women and has been created from Anando and Shunyo's experiences from working with Osho as his caretakers and the devices he was creating for them to "go beyond being woman".
Osho tells us that the woman's conditioning goes deeper than mans because we have accepted it and support it. We will be looking at our conditioning of neediness and wanting to be wanted, and seeing how this keeps us imprisoned. Moving far beyond any women's liberation work, we will be starting with understanding how much of "the mother" has already infiltrated us from our time in the womb. Work will be done on the collective female conditioning of the roles of motherhood, wife, and geisha. Why did Osho give so much emphasis on trying to help the woman to transcend her conditioning? Let us rediscover the intrinsic value of being a woman, and expressing our creativity.
Start: Thursday 08:30 pm
Price: 460 € plus food and accomodation
Place: Osho Uta Cologne, Germany
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