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Meditation CDs and Books

Meditation is our ultimate…

... liberation and the only hope for creating a joyful and peaceful humanity on Mother Earth. Here we explain our view of meditation for our inner and outer transformation.

Oshos Active Meditations

Meditation is the true miracle! When it happens we experience the most beautiful moments existence can provide for us: the body is relaxed without tension, the mind calm without thinking, the heart open for the joy of being and the spirit in blissful ecstasy.

We are one with the world and the world is one with us. We love the world and the world loves us. Love is freedom and freedom is love. All separations due to sex, family, race, nation or religion disappear and a deep inner peacefulness descends on us.

Sometimes we accidentally might touch this divine space in our life even without knowing about meditation. In sports people talk about being "in the zone" to describe moments of bliss, when things happen without effort just by themselves.

Consciously or unconsciously we all search for these moments – in the effort to reach orgasm, the longing for love, the fight for freedom or the prayer to God. We try to relax our body by practicing Yoga or to stop our mind by sitting in Zen meditation.

However, the real thing doesn't seem to happen! We are too tense and overloaded by a leak of movement, plenty of stuck emotions and an avalanche of mental input, which we never saw in human history before.

We need physical, mental or emotional release before we can deeply feel, relax and be silent again. Osho provides this possibility for modern man by His famous Active Meditations like Dynamic Meditation or Kundalini Meditation.

Relaxing, letting go of judging and just watching the mind with its endless traffic jam of thoughts are the keys to meditation. Not catching clouds of thoughts but allowing them to pass by and disappear is the secret of meditation and the way to enter paradise now.

Oshos silent meditations

For almost forty years Osho talked to his disciples in morning and evening discourses. Most of them are recorded and prevent the changing of his words as it has been done before by the words of enlightened mystics.

These discourses are the key to meditation on the Osho Path. Like no other meditation He gives this immense support. While he talks, you find yourself relaxing your body, opening your mind for the multiversity of life, feeling peace in your heart and becoming very silent.

You relax into the gaps between His words; you disappear in the ocean of consciousness. There is no meditation technique anymore, there is no you anymore. There is just blissfulness and a silent awareness.

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Zen Wind - Zen Play Meditations

The most forgotten spiritual qualities are playfulness and paradox, laughter and celebration. In fact the spiritual tradition of Zen started with the enlightening laughter of Buddha's disciple Mahakashajap.

Children are happy as long as they can rejoice in the wonders of each new day. They laugh and they cry, they fight and they play without taking the world too serious. They live with a joy and an innocence, which we have lost since the days of early life.

Remembering this innocence and bringing back to your life a sense of humor and playfulness is the purpose of the Zen Wind - Zen Play Meditations. You reconnect to your playful energies, deepen your breathing, open your heart and relax in deep silence.

These meditations are an inner adventure for anyone who wants to feel young in spirit and wise by experience. Becoming like a child again you can rejoice and celebrate life in all its inner and outer richness.

Breathing into Life Meditation
Breathing in Love Meditation
Lion's Heart Meditation
Ocean Love Meditation
Dragon Breath Meditation

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