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Oshos Diamond Breath ©️ Training


Inner transformation by deep breath, body, emotional and energy work and the art of meditation are becoming an essential part of professional therapy today. Over a period of four years we offer the different levels of our training.

Each year the three week long training guides you deeper into working with breath and teaches you a truly beautiful therapeutic method for holistic healing and working with people – authentic, competent and creative.

Level 1: Oshos Diamond Breath ©️ Basic Training

07. June - 29. June 2024

This training is the foundation of our working with breath therapy and meditation. In the three one week long modules you learn the basics of Osho Diamond Breath™️, which is one of the most powerful methods for inner transformation. Apart from your own therapeutic process you will experience giving your first individual breath session.

Level 2: Oshos Diamond Breath © Advanved Training (Internship)

06. June - 29. June 2024

The advanced training is a step further in exploring the art, science and mystery of multidimensional breath work. More self-experience, advanced teachings in body-psycho therapy and energy work, plus assisting in sharing groups with supervision by the training leaders will enable you now to give a series of breath sessions.

Level 3: Oshos Diamond Breath ©️ Assistent Training

06. June - 30. June 2024

The Assistant Training is for those who want to learn about facilitating breath therapy groups and who also like experiencing the training from a group leader perspective. You wil learn in special teaching sessions about group dynamics and how to support the individual and collective training process by leading sharing groups.

Level 4: Assistance

For this final part of the training you will be invited. The assistants work together as a team with an ongoing feedback process and get involved in organising the training.

The three week training

Modul 1: Breathing into a New Life
Shanti and Adhiraj

07. – 14. June 2024

Power Breathing, Body Mind Therapy and Dynamic Stress Release

Power Breathing gives you a profound experience of the work of the human breath: for healing, well being and spiritual awakening. You will learn a beautiful therapeutic method for great stress release, emotional awareness and inner transformation.
This amazing breathing technique allows you to look deep into the unconscious mind and to dissolve it's most unresolved conlficts. It supports your ability for being healthy, joyful, creative and meditative in your daily life. It dissolves negative breathing and chronic fear patterns and opens for the pleasure of feeling the flow of your bio-energy.
With the help of Body Emotional Therapy and Dynamic Stress Release you will learn to relax and vitalize your body, clear mental tensions, balance emotions, open your heart and your spiritual being. Active Meditations, key elements of body-psycho therapy, grounding techniques, tribal dance, the art of therapeutic touch and regression support this process of profound inner healing.
A key to working with the power of breath is the understanding of the breath centres. Working with Breath Awareness gives you an insight into their functioning and their effect on reconnecting to an ecstatic state of inner being.

Module 2: Born in Love
Dwari and Pushan

16. – 22. June 2024

Tantric Breathing, Osho Birth Integration and Trauma Healing

Osho Diamond Breath gives you sophisticated techniques from the fascinating world of breath for exploring the early stages of life. In the light of conscious breathing you learn to overcome early life traumas and anxieties.
Tantric Breathing reintegrates your pelvis into the movement of your breathing. Now the free movement of the breath wave traveling throughout your body makes you aware of the tensions sexual conditioning and the birth trauma have caused in your body-mind.
The way you are born and take your first breath decides the way you come out in life. In the process of Osho Birth Integration you realize the unfulfilled needs of a newly born baby for being in loving contact with the mother. After all the chemistry of sex is similar to the chemistry at birth between mother and child.
Missing a relaxed birth and warm invitation into life you loose your breath. Without inner balance and trust you develop self-destructive patterns of fighting or collapsing. Trauma Healing allows you to release deep unconscious contractions from the birth trauma and heal the fear of separation and negative bonding with the mother. You experience your own rebirth and you learn to guide others through a breath taking birth process into a new life.

Modul 3: Three Keys of Consciousness
Shanti and Adhiraj

24. June – 29. June 2024

Prenatal Healing, The Dance of Conception, Oceanic Breath

In this module you explore the deepest conditioning received by your breath before birth: prenatal life, conception and the death in your previous life.
Life develops on the waves of energy created by your breath. As you breathe, grow from sex to love, live your relationships and finally let yourself go in the process of death. Your body contains the memories of your life. Interactive Body reading decodes your language and reveals the secrets of your life. The Dance of Conception is the beginning of life. Here you have received the first imprint on your breath and your energy body at the cellular level.
This program keeps you anchored to a certain breathing pattern, which reflects your parents' attitude towards sex and towards you as their child.
By going from prenatal life to conception you will experience this profound conditioning. The healing of past lives uses the breath as a delicate trance method of to meet your death in your previous life. You begin to overcome the fear of death and love becomes your inner breath. Breath is the rhythm of life. The Tao call it the rhythm of Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine.
By balancing your breath you find inner peace and harmony, and you will be able to share this space of presence and depth of breath with others.

Love, Light and Laughter from all of us
Dwari, Shanti, Adhiraj and Pushan

ODB training 3 - Three Keys of Consciousness

prenatal healing, the dance of conception, oceanic breath

with: Shanti und Adhiraj
24.Jun. 24 - 29.Jun.24

Location: Osho Miasto

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