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Beloved Breathing Friends,

in all probability, you have already sensed that this year the OSHO Diamond Breath Training will not be happening in Osho Miasto in June, as it has been happening now for almost 20 years.

When I spoke with Miasto the other day, there was a deep sense of regret but also a beautiful touch of surrender and acknowledgment of the unpredictability of life and the unknown….. we only can relax into being in this moment. Osho has been talking about this so many times…….

But who would have thought in such a short time we all would have been thrown into ourselves, each stuck in our own home in our own country, not even being able to go out to see friends, well, for sure that scenario has not been on my mind.

I feel it is a pity, and there is also a touch of sadness within me. I have been looking forward so much to meeting with you all again, joined by new friends, sharing the experience of breath, which connects us and has opened so much for each of us.

Well, what to do…..existence had a different idea and I surrender to that. So we leave it all to the unknown for the moment and who knows what kind of creativity and movement will come out of all this.

I am very good in this moment, totally enjoying being home and having time for all the stuff I somehow pushed aside with all my traveling. After having done 21 days of Silence in Finland in February, just before all this happened, I was already in a very inner space and it has simply felt like a continuation.

There are also moments of struggle, and sure I miss the energy of the groups and the flow of intensity and the depth of sharing, but I guess in this moment we have to find new ways……not that I am there already…...zoom is still a learning process.

But talking with Shanti, Adhiraj and Pushan, we already have some creative ideas on how to stay connected and use the social media and zoom to stay in contact with everybody who is reachable.

I hope you are all healthy and somehow at ease with the situation where ever each of you are. It is also a great chance to go in and create more awareness about what is really essential in life. For me it is…

And I am sure when all this has settled with more safety and clarity we will have time together again.
It is also good to make plans, and one big open plan for sure is to invite you all back to Miasto next year in June……let see and wish that existence supports our intentions.

Conscious breathing is the best tool in these days you can use for yourself and also keeping your lungs vital and ready to fight the smallest approach of this virus.
wish you all to stay healthy and creative in these unpredictable times and looking forward when we can have easy embraces in real life again.

Love, Light and Laughter from all of us
Dwari, Shanti, Adhiraj and Pushan

ODB Training 1

Breathing into a New Life

with: Shanti und Adhiraj
4.Jun. 21 - 11.Jun.21

Location: Osho Miasto

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