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ODB training 3 - Three Keys of Consciousness

prenatal healing, the dance of conception, oceanic breath

with: Shanti und Adhiraj
24.Jun. 24 - 29.Jun.24

Location: Osho Miasto

In this module you explore the deepest conditioning received by your breath before birth: prenatal life, conception and the death in your previous life.

Life develops on the waves of energy created by your breath. As you breathe, grow from sex to love, live your relationships and finally let yourself go in the process of death. Your body contains the memories of your life. Interactive Body reading decodes your language and reveals the secrets of your life. The Dance of Conception is the beginning of life. Here you have received the first imprint on your breath and your energy body at the cellular level.
This program keeps you anchored to a certain breathing pattern, which reflects your parents' attitude towards sex and towards you as their child.

By going from prenatal life to conception you will experience this profound conditioning. The healing of past lives uses the breath as a delicate trance method of to meet your death in your previous life. You begin to overcome the fear of death and love becomes your inner breath. Breath is the rhythm of life. The Tao call it the rhythm of Yin and Yang, the masculine and the feminine.

By balancing your breath you find inner peace and harmony, and you will be able to share this space of presence and depth of breath with others.

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Osho Miasto Italy
www.oshomiasto.it, groupoffice(at)oshomiasto(dot)it

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