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International Breath Energy School

A School for Inner Transformation

As the Osho International Breath Energy School we present some of the most powerful methods of breathing and complementary therapies available today. From around the globe people come to participate in our programs and to learn about our vision of "one world – one breath – one consciousness".

Our goal is nothing less than to use the diamond of breath to unlock the unique potential of the human being for the evolution towards love and consciousness. If you learn to breathe deeply you learn to live joyfully. You transform not only your life but also the life of those around you.


Our groups teach you to take a fresh breath into life, heal your relationships, develop your creativity and find inner peace and harmony in meditation. They are a preparation for the trainings, which will guide you towards the depth of your inner being.

Groups are a first step to bring a new joyfulness, totality and awareness into your daily life and love affairs. Once you know how to breathe deeply again a new world of possibilities opens for you.

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Our school offers a comprehensive training program to experience, explore and learn about the power of breath for the healing and well-being of body, mind, heart and spirit. It is an invitation to dive into the depth of individual, group and communal therapy and to expand into the multiverse of life.

The Osho Diamond Breath° Master Training and the Osho Counselor & Coaching Trainings are held in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany in the heart of Italy at the Osho Miasto Institute. The Special Skills Trainings are also held in various other places and countries.

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The Oshos Summer Multiversity…

… is a university for the art of life, love and laughter. It is a unique meeting of friends from all over the world to learn and rejoice on the divine path of breath.

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Oshos Diamond Breath© MASTER TRAINING

Inner transformation by deep breath-, body-, primal- and energy work and the art of meditation are becoming an essential part of professional therapy today. Over a period of four years we offer the different levels of our training.

Each year one of the three week long trainings guides you deeper into working with breath and teaches you a truly beautiful therapeutic method for holistic healing and working with people – authentic, competent and creative.

Level 1: Oshos Diamond Breath© TRAINING

This training is the foundation of our working with breath therapy and meditation. In three one week long modules you learn the basics of Osho Diamond Breath™, which is one of the most powerful methods for inner transformation. Beside your own therapeutic process you make your first experiences in giving individual breath sessions.

Module 1: Breathing into a New Life
Module 2: Born in Love
Module 3: Three Keys to Consciousness

Level 2: Oshos Diamond Breath© ADVANCED TRAINING (Internship)

The advanced training is a step further in exploring the art, science and mystery of multidimensional breath work. More self-experience, advanced teachings in body-psycho therapy and energy work, assisting in sharing groups and supervision by the training leaders enable you now to give a series of breath sessions.

Level 3: Oshos Diamond Breath© ASSISTANT TRAINING

The Assistant Training is for those who want to learn about facilitating breath therapy groups and like experiencing the training from a group leaders perspective. You learn in special teachings about group dynamics and how to support the individual and collective training process by leading sharing groups.

Special Skills Training:

Do you look for other trainings to go deeper in your self-inquiry and advance your therapeutic and coaching skills to new areas of inner transformation? Here we offer you a variety of complementary trainings, which have proved to be of great value for working with yourself and other people.

THE ART OF CREATIVE LEADERSHIP - A Leadership from the Heart

Here you experience and learn to practice different styles of group and teamwork for inner transformation. You learn to become a creative leader in your own life and in guiding other people.

LOVE, TANTRA AND ZEN - A Training for Tantric Relating

This complementary life skills, therapy and meditation training teaches counselling and other therapeutic skills to work with body, mind and heart to explore the dynamics of sexual energy and liberate it from the repressive conditioning of childhood.

Part 1: Osho Healing Relationships Training

The first part of the training teaches you how the different stages of sexual transformation influence the dynamics of your relationships and, depending on your awareness, can either open or close the door to the other by love, joy and inner harmony.

Part 2: Osho Sexual Awareness Training

The second part of the training teaches you to bring awareness to the dynamics of your sexual energy and to understand how this dynamics form your personality and your relationships.


Here you learn to support people to become aware of their family conditioning and move beyond its traumatising effects on their life.

AQUAPRANA HEALING TRAINING - Tantric Healing in warm Water

By deep breathing and a series of special body movements in warm and energetically rich thermal water you learn to open body, mind, heart and soul for deep relaxation, trustfulness and letting go.

This tantric therapy is a beautiful and soft approach to heal intimacy related wounds from childhood and relationship life and to discover a new dimension of love, wellbeing and meditation.


This Training is a self-discovery as well as a learning process for people working with people.

Part 1: Discover your body type as a resource to protect your essential self

In the developmental stages of childhood we grow into a certain body structure. If not supported we might collapse before we even learn to show and express our feelings. Or we have so much energy and vitality that we have to block them in a very tense body armouring. With this body development rigid believe systems emerge in our psyche and caused us to develop a lot of very limiting behaviour patterns.

Part 2: Here we move into an exploration of relating patterns the different body types have developed and show. By understanding them we find creative solutions for the conflicts in life relating

Who with whom and how … that is the big question in relating.
It is a great advantage to understand our own body type and its relating traps we sometimes fall into so easily and unconsciously.
Once you know your body type and personality fixation many of the relating conflicts appear in a totally different light.


In this process we uncover the different dimensions of relating dynamics in families and relationships

- emotional ties
- bonding into the family system and its trauma
- essential dimension

We use family constellation and methods of trauma release to clear the different dimensions inside of us as well as in the family field.