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Adhiraj has a university degree of Bsc Law/Psychology. 

Finishing his studies, his inner search brought him to the Osho International Resort in Pune, India. His contact with Osho led him to leave behind his family business and devote himself to meditation and Osho’s work. 

He facilitates the Osho Meditative Therapies of Osho Mystic Rose, Osho No Mind, Osho Born Again, and the trainings of Meditative therapies. 

He is certified and gives individual sessions in Osho Transomatic Dialogue, the 7 Osho Akashic Processes, Osho Rainbow Octave processes, Osho Diamond Breath and Holistic Massage. 
Also, he is a certified Chi Gung instructor. 

He leads a variety of different groups and seminars but mainly devotes his time to: 

  • Osho Diamond Breath
  • Osho Meditation Facilitators Training
  • Osho No Mind and Mystic Rose training
  • Osho Akashic Buddhafield
  • The Natural Man
  • Zen Bioenergetics
  • Beyond the Limits of Fear
  • Death and Celebration
  • Inner Alchemy 

Leads groups and gives individual sessions in Greece, Italy, Croatia, Mexico, China and India. 


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ODB Training 1: Breathing into a New Life

Power Breathing, Body Mind Therapy and Dynamic Stress Release

with: Shanti und Adhiraj
Location: Osho Miasto

9.Jun. 23 - 16.Jun.23
Osho Miasto

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Osho Diamond Breath Training

Breathing into Life

with: Shanti, Adhiraj, Pushan und Dwari
Location: Osho Miasto

9.Jun. 23 - 1.Jul.23
Osho Miasto

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