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The Inner Adventure that can change your Life

One Breath - One World - One Conciousness …is an exciting journey

We experience inner healing and transformation by the unique power of breath.
It is a meditation-oriented holistic therapy working with the multi facetted diamond of breath to support your inner growth and to discover the secrets of the breath of life.

We invite you to take a Deep Breath …

To stay connected, we would like to invite you to a series of zoom meetings. In the first meeting Dwari, Shanti, Pushan and Adhiraj will be present, in the following meetings we will individually offer some simple exercises and a breathing meditation.

In these times of being required to follow the instructions of “social distancing” it is essential to find nourishing ways to strengthen your body and your spirit.

We would like to support each other and create a time in which we can connect and share the preciousness and healing power of breathing and meditation. The dates for the zoom meetings can be found below.

Insecurity is the very fabric of life. If you don’t understand insecurity, you can never understand life. Seasons will change; climates will change; the fall will come, the spring will come.

Everything will go on changing, nothing can be taken for granted; this is insecurity…
Insecurity keeps people fresh, alive adventurous, knowing that things cn be changed. Even without their changing them, they are going to be changed. So there is great scope for change, for transformation.