The Inner Adventure that can change your Life

Oshos Diamond Breath

One Breath - One World - One Conciousnes …is an exciting journey

to experience inner healing and transformation by the unique power of breath.
It is a meditation-oriented holistic therapy working with the multi facetted diamond of breath to support your inner growth and to discover the secrets of the breath of life.


We invite you to take a Deep Breath …

… and to rejoice in a new way of life! Take a fresh breath into your innermost being and open your heart for the art of living totally. On the waves of great breathing you can travel towards a life full of love, joy and health!

From all around the Globe …

… friends come to participate in our program. Together we learn to breathe, to trust, to love, to meditate and to celebrate the mystery of life. With breathing hearts and laughing spirits we create


One Breath - One World - One Conciousnes

The role of the breath
on the path to self-realization
is a most important one
because breathing is the central point.
On one side we have the body;
on the other, the soul.
We already exist on the physical level
but what we yearn for is
to be within the realm of the soul.
But before this can be done
it is essential to move onto
the plateau of prana, of the breath.
Only then can one enter
the kingdom of the spirit.

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