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Breathing in Love

with: Shanti
29.Aug. 20 - 29.Aug.20

Location: Mexico City

Breathing in Love and Creativity

The Power of Love brings deep healing, clarity and joy in your life and your relationships. In love you breathe beyond ordinary life to find your inner treasure.

Love is your longing for relaxation, expansion and becoming one with the other. But old wounds keep you locked in dependency and have blocked your breathing.

The pain of not feeling loved has blocked your natural breathing and closed your heart. Here you learn to free your heart of the pain caused by relationships in the past and return to love yourself again.

Letting go of jealousy and fear of intimacy, understanding the rhythm of relationships and breathing deep again, expressing your emotions and feelings and releasing fear prevents stress from governing your life.

Love is your healing and your freedom.
Breathing in love you live beyond fear.

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