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From Stress to Relaxation

with: Shanti und Adhiraj
10.Dec. 20 - 13.Dec.20

Location: Osho Miasto

Power Breathing brings you back into sensing yourself, releases stress in the body, opens emotional expression and awareness, which is the first step into inner transformation.

The amazing breath technique of ‘Dynamic Stress Release’ allows a deeper look into the unconscious mind, dissolving most unresolved conflicts and brings deep relaxation.
Negative breathing and chronic fear patterns disappear. You open to the pleasure of feeling the flow of your bio-energy.

Active Meditations, key elements of body-psychotherapy, grounding techniques, the art of therapeutic touch and regression support this process of profound inner healing and reconnection to an ecstatic state of the inner being.

This group is for everyone in search of them self’s, self growth and for does who want to learn de ODB technique and become a session giver.

This group together with Tantric Breathing is equivalent to the Osho Diamond Breath® training first module.

“Breathing is the most important thing. 
With it life starts and with it life ends. 
It is the most mysterious thing; without it there is no possibility of life.”


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