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Tantric Breath

Body, Love & Sexuality

with: Pushan
3.Jul. 20 - 5.Jul.20

Location: Milan, Italy

Body, Love & Sexuality

In this process of 4 days of body oriented Breath therapy in a space of safety and trust, we will have the opportunity to reconnect again and find a way back to the body and the natural flow of sexuality. This will become the foundation to open up to the natural qualities of the heart of love and compassion.

These are our inherent qualities that have being covered through years of automatic learnt behaviors that we don’t even question.

Unfortunately through out the years most of us have disconnected with our natural expressions supressing and denying our emotions and sexual biological impulses.

Thinking how life should be, instead of living life to our full potential.
Once we release old tensions caused by emotional stress and the repression of our feelings and emotions, the neuro immune system recovers its tone, our central nervous system can experience balance and our conscious-unconscious mind can begin to integrate.

At a more corporal and psychological level we recover sensations of pleasure, flexibility, fluidity, creativity, joy and silence that bring us closer to the direct experience of our true nature!

We will use a variety of different techniques, enjoying the support of safe space and moving through a journey of exercises of bioenergetics and Tantric meditations. We will use role-play where you can learn how your life energy flows and interacts in relationships with a friend, colleague, family, partner or lover.

You will experience the healing dimension of group energy and receive a combination of east and western approaches to inner growth, relaxation and meditation.

The hidden qualities of relaxation can reveal new dimensions of compassion, intimacy, strength and vitality.


  • Open chronically tense physical and mental patterns
  • Open to the natural wave of pleasure
  • Open to ecstatic experiences of wholeness
  • Receive tools for expanding intimacy in your relationship
  • Reconnect with playfulness, joy, creativity
  • Realizing and understanding how the body can contain pleasure
  • Learn methods and meditation techniques to be supported in your day to day life
  • Discover keys to bring fulfillment and satisfaction in your life!
  • Connect to the powerful method to unite the body/mind through Diamond Breath® 


Vanessa: marangoni.va@gmail.com

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