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with: Adhiraj und Pushan
Dienstag, 24. November 2020, 10:00 Uhr - Sonntag, 29. November 2020




It is the right time for the new man to bloom in mystical union, in meditation.

This transformation process has been developed to Accompany, support and help men understand and navigate the various challenges that modern society poses.

It combines different techniques and methods : such as  Bioenergetics , the Diamod Breath® , segments Work (Wilhem Reich), dialogue Transomatic, the psychodrama, RPGs and Jung Archetypes, the healing of the trauma ( Somatic Expiriencing ); at the same time, expand and take root with the Active Meditations.

Reconnection deep with our true nature; to access to the qualities of masculine energy, rooting and presence, vitality and vigor, creativity and expression, openness and connection, direction and understanding, silence and stillness... sthese are some of the benefits we will get through this process.

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