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Family Constellation Training Module 2

Dynamic in the Present Family

with: Dwari
23.Oct. 22 - 31.Oct.22

Location: Finland Elontuli

We will explore the man - woman relationship and what hinders or helps the love to flow between partners. Sometimes this requires from us to look at our original family and clarify the role we took over as a child.

Sometimes we need to connect more deeply to one of our parents in order to be connected to 'maleness' or 'femaleness'. In other times we have to complete something with an earlier partner, so that we are free and available for a new relationship.

Special in these times where relationships can change quite often and patch work family come into being it is important that the personal entanglement gets cleared (in order not to burden the children more then necessary.) because otherwise the children keep caring the burden of the parents and are not free for there own life.


  • dynamic of the present family
  • man and woman
  • entanglement from the family of origin
  • love and order
  • how love can be supported
  • romantic love and growing in love
  • the balance of giving and taking
  • where do the children belong

All this can become visible in a constellation and when hidden and unspoken situations come into light, frozen feeling can flow again and often-surprising new solutions emerge. Experiencing systemic order from within brings a total different understanding of relating and relationships. These clear insights make more conscious, responsible and satisfying relationships possible.

trainer: Swagito Liebermeister

place: www.elontuli.fi, Finnland

info & registration:
Pragita Teerisuo, prempragita@gmail.com

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